Government: Death penalty prevents 100% from re-offending

In light of a spate of recent criticism from anti-death penalty activists, Singapore’s leaders have clarified that the death penalty, regardless of the situation in which it is applied, prevents 100% of offenders from re-offending.  “Turning offenders away from a life of crime is a key part of our efforts in rehabilitation,” stated PM Lee.  “Our system is foolproof.”  When asked his opinion on the possibility of executing innocent people, youngsters, or uneducated Malaysians, he stated that “they wouldn’t re-offend either.”


7 Responses to Government: Death penalty prevents 100% from re-offending

  1. Wai Leong says:

    It depends on whether you are against all forms of death penalty or just against the mandatory death penalty.

    If the former, then it doesn’t matter what the PAP says, you are opposed to it in principle.

    If the latter, then consider that every Court of Appeal judge knows that conviction in a drug trafficking case means an automatically means death, hence they take conviction very seriously.

    In other words, if they did not feel it was very safe to convict, they wouldn’t convict.

    So while there is always a chance of a miscarriage of justice is always a possibility, it is already minimised if the judges are honorable and responsible men.

    Hence the real question is whether Singaporeans support the death penalty, for those who are genuinely guilty. And also whether they’re willing to live with the small possibility of miscarriage of justice.

  2. Adrian says:

    That’s where it might be wrong. Based on the book by Alan Shadrake, there have been a few cases where even when the judge had some form of reasonable doubt, stated in his findings, he still went ahead and convict.

  3. defennder says:

    You guys are commenting on the wrong blog.

  4. Dave says:

    I’m assuming this would apply to sodomy and other homosexual acts.

  5. P dog says:

    They’re trying to make fun. Don’t you see. Spore said the death penalty stops offenders from re-offending. Of course they can’t re offend cause they’re dead!

  6. Dave jones says:

    Haha typical of ignorant Singaporeans. Should have left them for the japs!

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