Singapore delegation skips racism conference to join Geneva tour

Foreign Minister George Yeo reported that while many nations attended the controversial Durban Review Conference in Switzerland, his own delegation decided to skip the first day to take a tour of the city. “Geneva is a beautiful city, with a big water fountain in the middle of a lake. Just like we have water shooting out of the Merlion’s mouth in Singapore.” While other countries were busy criticizing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech, Mr. Yeo pointed out that racism didn’t exist in Singapore “so why bother attending”. Besides, there are many nice flowers in bloom in Geneva. When asked by Israel whether Singapore supports the multi-nation boycott of the conference led by the US and European countries, the Singapore High Commission pointed out that “racism is not tolerated in Singapore, but we don’t mind if other countries are racist.” A staff member added that “the Iranian racism wasn’t against any of our races, so it is okay.”


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