North Korea warns Singapore on CNA “lies”

The North Korean government today issued a stern warning to Singapore, after Channel News Asia (CNA) reported what it called were “lies started by Imperialist American filth” on its upcoming parliamentary elections.  At issue were comments uttered on CNA that described North Korea’s parliament as a “rubber-stamp” parliament, and that only one candidate stands for election in each district.

North Korea’s state news agency KCNA also issued a release to agencies: “We will not stand for disgusting lies spread by Singapore’s state-run news agency, and stand ready for war at a moment’s notice if Singapore allies itself with the conniving Imperialist warmongers.  North Korea’s elections are reserved for North Koreans, and pompous Singaporeans and Americans should keep their disgusting foreign faces out of Korea’s internal affairs.  The DPRK [North Korea] is a model of good governance with an electoral system not unlike Singapore’s, with equally talented and qualified leaders that sometime must run in walkover elections due to lack of talent.  CNA’s characterization of the DPRK’s parliament as “rubber-stamp” is fully refuted, and Singapore is warned not to heed the howls of the vicious wolves in the US.”

Minister Mentor of Singapore Lee Kwan Yew personally telephoned Dear Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Il to apologise.

Note to readers: KCNA is the Korean news agency. CNA is the Singaporean news agency.


7 Responses to North Korea warns Singapore on CNA “lies”

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  4. Singapore really need to tighten security in the borders and stop filling us with lies and deceptions

  5. What can north korean goverment do anyways, every move by the country is in watched by UN.

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