ICA to deploy an extra officer for Chinese New Year

Due to the anticipated long queues at Woodlands Checkpoint over Chinese New Year, Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has announced a measure that will undoubtedly please Malaysians planning to return home for the New Year; the deployment of one extra ICA officer has already created a stir in the blogosphere.  On public holidays, Woodlands Checkpoint is routinely jammed with queues lasting up to 4 or 5 hours at peak times.  But no more.  ICA announced today that a new officer, Mr. Tan, will be deployed to the checkpoint to alleviate the congestion.

Mr. Tan, an expert passport checker and part-time x-ray machine looker, when interviewed by Singapore Donkey, reported that waiting times are likely to be reduced by at least 5 minutes compared to last year.  “This will prove to Malaysians that Singapore is efficient,” he explained.  “Our airport immigration queues are less than 5 minutes long, with little candies to give to arriving passengers, and the impression left on our most distinguished visitors is that of uncompromising efficiency.  Now, with only 3 hr 55 min queues at Woodlands, Malaysians too will experience a taste of our famed efficiency.  With a 3 hr 55 min queue on the Singapore side of the checkpoint and a 5 min queue on the Malaysian side, Malaysians will certainly have even more to celebrate this year!”


One Response to ICA to deploy an extra officer for Chinese New Year

  1. kayzl says:

    funny stuff. why did you stop writing?

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