Open seat spotted on MRT train

On Sunday, 10th August at 11:10 am, an open seat on an eastbound train from City Hall MRT station was reported to Singapore Donkey by a concerned citizen.  Normally, SMRT is expected to fill all seats and all standing space on its trains, so the recent appearance of a single open seat has caused shareholders to bristle with anger.  Share prices tumbled in Monday trading.  The Singapore government, a major shareholder, has been quick to respond.  According to Transport Minister Raymond Lim, enforcement action may be taken against SMRT.  “Government’s consistent policy has been to never allow any seating room on MRT trains in Singapore.  Passengers are accustomed to standing in a tight formation, and any deviation from this may cause confusion.  SMRT has assured me that the frequency of trains on the East-West line will be adjusted downwards from the current 5 trains per hour to a more sensible 3 trains per hour, so that demand is ‘better matched’.  This will also help increase service standards and passenger comfort.”


One Response to Open seat spotted on MRT train

  1. Clarence says:

    hey dont stop!
    where’s my entertainment??!


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