Party thrown by People’s Action Party “doesn’t have much action”

The People’s Action Parties, once well-known around the region in the 1960’s by ravers and hippies for the “action” that went on, no longer have any action, according to a Singapore Donkey survey of local partiers.  The survey asked which parties in Singapore were the most happening.  66.6% of partiers responded that the people’s Action parties have become parties for “old people”, with tea-drinking and conversation about which Mercedes to buy replacing the orgies and sexual energy of the 1960’s.  The remaining survey respondents indicated that the best parties for action were the Singapore democratic Parties, and the parties always get busted by the police.  A police spokesman contacted by Singapore Donkey confirmed that the organizer of those parties is often arrested.  “One time one of the party organizers actually bit one of our officers, after their party got too big!”  In Singapore, it is illegal for any party to have more than 4 partiers.  “In that case, the young lady, Ms. Chee Siok Chin, was the Number 5 partier.  We had a number of complaints from the public about that.”


One Response to Party thrown by People’s Action Party “doesn’t have much action”

  1. donkey man says:

    Ur name wouldn’t be raymond would it?

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