PM Lee sends aid Mercedes to Burma generals

A humanitarian disaster in Myanmar caused by a deadly cyclone has left over ten thousand people dead and thousands more homeless without adequate food, water, and medical care.  Countries around the world have generously donated aid and condemned Myanmar’s military government for blocking food shipments to people in need.  Singapore’s leaders fully understand the severity of the situation and have also pledged to help Myanmar’s people.  “The main problem,” PM Lee stated in a press conference, “is that many of Senior General Than Shwe’s luxury cars were in the Irrawaddy delta region when the cyclone struck.  The loss of these automobiles represent an incalculable loss to the Burmese people.” PM Lee pledged Singapore’s continued support for the plight of Myanmar’s impoverished citizens.  “We will send eighty replacement Mercedes and Aston Martins to replace those lost in the cyclone,” PM Lee said, “and we have received assurances from the junta that this aid will not be blocked or redirected from the generals most in need.”  The five Mercedes vehicles are slated to arrive Monday, and the Aston Martins Wednesday.  “This aid will not only help those most in need, but will also improve Singapore’s reputation among the Burmese people and the rest of the world as a stalwart supporter of human rights and as leader in Southeast Asia.  We’ll continue to show the West what ‘Asian Values’ means in this part of the world.”  An elaborate ceremony has been planned to transfer the aid.


3 Responses to PM Lee sends aid Mercedes to Burma generals

  1. glee says:


    trying to come across as sarcastic/satirical all it makes you sound is stupid.

    Is this an anti-opposition wind-up or something?


    1. this blog is run be pro-government sympathizers with an agenda to make political dissidents sound stupid


    2. you are really an idiot

    A similar contrast can be drawn with this liverpool fan or hater’s blog ( I am unable to decide which)

    How anyone can find your postings remotely interesting (besides me cos I hate fwits and take special pleasure in thumbing them down) is beyond me.

    It does not appeal to a genuine thinker, nor even to someone who is just out for a laugh.

    I mean honestly, its crap. And the problem with it not even being funny in the crappy sense is that you think its funny.

    And of course I wasted time in this post. But thats my flaw, like I said I take a special interest in thumbing down fwits like you.

  2. funan centre says:

    you fool ah from funan centre ah
    – dont you realize that it is actually what is exported from singapore to burma under the knowledge of highly ranked folks… but of course your protein content is low.

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