PM Lee has new Cabinet installed in Parliament

“This time I decided to choose oak,” said PM Lee, “even though Dad wanted mohogany.”  PM Lee explained that the old Cabinet in Parliament was getting worn out.  “So many of the ministers kept storing odds and ends in the old cedar cabinet that the brass hinges got loose and started to fly off.”  Some of the present ministers will be banned from accessing the new oak cabinet.  No women will be allowed into the Cabinet either.  Along these lines, Minister Vivian Balakrishnan will only be allowed to access it once per week, instead of twice as was the case before, since he was eating too many snacks on his own.  “The key function of the Cabinet ministers,” explained PM Lee, “is to run and fetch me and my dad snacks from the oak Cabinet during our meetings.”  He also explained that Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng’s main job is to make sure that the door to the toilet “stays closed” so that odors don’t drift into the area where the PM is snacking while crafting policy.


One Response to PM Lee has new Cabinet installed in Parliament

  1. mule says:

    Tell us about your own father.

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