George Yeo finds out Singapore is a small country on trip abroad

On a trip to France in late February, Singapore’s foreign minister George Yeo was shocked when he learned that Singapore was “petit”. This unnerving piece of information was presented to him gently by French diplomats during his car trip from the airport to his hotel in Paris. According to senior French officials, Mr. Yeo was becoming alarmed at the long time the trip was taking from the airport. He began explaining to the French how things would be different in Singapore. “In Singapore,” Mr. Yeo asserted, “things are more efficient.” He began telling his French hosts how their traffic system was not as well-managed, how allowing French transport workers to go on strike “is regrettable”, and how all those freedoms they have in France are causing traffic jams. Mr. Yeo also warmly extended an offer for French ministers to visit Singapore, where experts can assist them in solving France’s myriad problems. After an awkward silence, a young diplomat informed Mr. Yeo that France was larger than Singapore, so some places just take longer to travel to from the airport than places in Singapore.


17 Responses to George Yeo finds out Singapore is a small country on trip abroad

  1. LH says:

    Welcome back!

  2. JL says:

    Welcome back.
    This is like watching an own goal.

  3. randomizer says:

    welcome back ….

    Mr Yeo was just released from the well.

  4. ProYG says:

    It must be a joke! Only a clown would have acted in such ways.

  5. patriot says:

    Singapore maybe tiny, but our leaders are World Class, haven’t you read our MSM used to publish that China, USA, Japan and almost every other nations in the World wants to learn and or copy us!

    Another proof that the Leaders of Singapore are the Best in the World is their pay packets. They(the remunerations) are way way ahead of the second best paid Head of Nation.

    The last proof I can give is their(Singapore Leaders) big talk, talk big; the former and the latter are also unmatched by any in the World. Kudos to our Leaders!

  6. Gerald says:

    Reminds me of the Wong Kan Sing story:
    Wong was at a dinner and seated next to a Frenchman.
    Frenchie turned towards Wong, saying “Bon Appetit!”
    Wong thot he was introducing himself, and responded, “Wong Kan Sing!”

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  8. mule says:

    Your website is full of lies. You erased my last post and purport to be a truthful commentator.I realise that you have no intgegrity because you only want to allow praises not criticisms to be posted. Your pretended “wit” and false sense of self importance is disgusting.No wonder you are a donkey!! YOU are the greatest joke! haha. What a donkey. By the way,are donkeys and asses identical?I always suspected that you are an ass.

  9. Mule, comments are not intentionally deleted unless they look like spam. Due to the numerous articles on old ministers, Singapore Donkey is very popular with Viagra advertisers, compounding this problem.

  10. Things to do says:

    It’s a pity when you hear our ‘world class’ leaders talk like that. When will we ever be gracious and humble …

  11. LittleDot says:

    Hey Donkey, your news are the best I’ve ever read about SG. I just can’t stop reading it. Great job!

  12. Chow Ah Beng says:

    Shocked but yet not suprised a comment like that was made. I doubt he gets out much.

  13. RED-man says:

    Really meh SingaporeDonkey? Where your source of this incident? If really truth, we really pay millions to feed Donkeys.

    Long live the monkeys

  14. That’s hilarious. Is this a true account? Singaporeans really don’t have a concept of what size is until they travel out of the country but to have someone like George Yeo make those comments, seems far-fetched.

  15. B says:

    eh so mean right the france go and tell mr yeo that the singapore is really small….france is really rude u know??

  16. Aaron says:

    The French guy could have said it better I guess, it’s part of his job not to offend anyone, even without cause.

    But you think he was rude? You mean, compared to Yeo?

    And what should they have done? Their credibility was at stake too…

    Plus they didn’t say it was “really small”. And “petit”(french for small) is just in the title of the article, suggesting it was added by the author of the article. It does say the French actually used the word, one of them just said France was larger than S’pore, which causes blah blah… I wish the article was clearer here.

    In my humble (French) opinion, Yeo was right about one thing, the French could learn from S’pore to expect their MRT workers to NEVER strike.
    And Yeo was wrong to complain about traffic conditions. A normal ride from Orly airport to French MFA in Paris, even in an official limo driving over speed limits, probably lasts about an hour and a half. Something few S’poreans are used to.

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