Media Development Authority rates MM Lee “M” for “Mature”

The Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore has continued its recent rating exercise, attempting to efficiently and transparently rate every source of information in Singapore.  Since MM Lee is a major source of information for Singaporeans and is oft-quoted in local newspapers, his comments were analyzed by MDA experts and were rated “M18”, a classification described by the MDA as “Mature 18 for persons 18 years and above”.  MM Lee was also given a sub-rating of “E” for “Exempted”. 

Opposition politician Dr. Chee Soon Juan was rated R21, “Restricted to persons 21 years and above”, but was given a sub-rating of “NR” (“Not Recommended”) instead of “E”.  Thus, Dr. Chee himself will be subject to ban and is henceforth required to keep quiet at all times.


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