NMP Thio Li-Ann offers to change gays to straights through compassionate sex

In an impassioned speech presented in Parliament on 23 October, NMP Professor Thio Li-Ann stated that gays can change. Homosexuality, she claimed, is likely caused by “a distant father, overbearing mother and sexual abuse by a family friend.” While she lauded the removal of S377 of the penal code and is personally looking forward to a round of anal sex with both men and women soon, she believes that men who want only gay sex deserve either jail under S377A or help. “While difficult, change is possible and a compassionate society would help those wanting to fulfill their heterosexual potential.” The professor has therefore started a web page under the NUS Law School’s for gay people to sign up for a session of sex with her and fulfill that potential. “There is hope,” she stated in her speech. The web page contains a list of different types of sex that gays will be allowed to have with her once the penal code amendments are passed, including oral sex, anal sex, and traditional vaginal-penile sex. The hope is that with the repealed S377, she will have more types of sex to offer in order to convert gays into straights. This, she believes, will help build a compassionate society.


6 Responses to NMP Thio Li-Ann offers to change gays to straights through compassionate sex

  1. cs says:

    i LOVE what u said about her offering sex LOL. that stupid bigot ought to be shot.

  2. lamb says:

    I thought she was single?????

  3. haha says:

    this is so funny. frankly i won’t date a woman like her. Much less have sex with her. She’s a crackpot. Maybe she was rejected by some cute gay guy in the past. Haha. i’m a straight guy btw.

  4. crosshairs says:

    This is the beginning of the end. Soon the conservative religious right ( I shall not mention which group, it just might as well be some tree bark worshipping wacko, no difference) shall legislate abortion, and demand compulsory prayer sessions and eventually send our sons to war in a far away land in support of the fight between good and evil.

    IS THAT WHAT WE WANT?????!!!!!!

    We need to stop these people.

  5. Hmmm says:

    Is this really funny? Or just a display of lack of taste? …

  6. Tigger says:

    Homosexuality has been around since the time of Lot in Genesis. It has been a sin since then and will never change. Some people will consider this a sin, and others an alternative lifestyle. That be that. I think we should hold on to our opinions, be they religiously influenced or not. However, I think all these mundane arguments serve only 1 purpose – to draw us away from what we should be focussing on – nepotism in our land. I wonder why all the pro and anti 377a activists keep their mouth shut about nepotism and favoritism in singapore? Wake up, citizens.

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