God turns NMP Thio Li-Ann into pillar of salt during Parliament speech

NMP Professor Thio Li-Ann was giving a beautiful and engrossing speech about sodomy in Parliment on 23 October, in which she mentioned anal cancer, fecal waste, “bare-backing”, strong family values, “bully-boy tactics”, and “bug-chasing”. She mentioned how much her NUS students enjoy her lectures, which contain discussions on different aspects of gay sex, a topic always dear to the professor’s heart. After calling gays “obscene”, “vile”, “depraved”, “intellectually disingenous”, “moral deviants”, “hedonists” and pleaded that Singapore “not be subject to the tyranny of the undemocratic minority”, she wrapped up her speech with this statement: “Sir, let speaking in the public square with reason, passion, honesty, civility, even grace, be the mark of a Citizen of Singapore.” At this very moment, the LORD’s hand rained upon NMP Professor Thio Li-Ann brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; and she looked back behind her, and she became a pillar of salt.


7 Responses to God turns NMP Thio Li-Ann into pillar of salt during Parliament speech

  1. Mrs. Winnie Ho says:

    You guys can say what you want but we are proud of Prof Thio. She has succinctly spoken for the rest of us silent majority. One day the TRUTH will prevail and I am afraid many of you sympathisers will wish you had known the truth earlier!

  2. Gilbert says:

    Mrs Ho, what is the truth you’re talking about? Be explicit, why hide behind meaningless rhetoric?

    In my humble opinion the truth is that religion is rearing its ugly head in politics.

  3. Ivan says:

    Yes, Mrs. Ho, by her intolerant speech, Thio has revealed to the whole world that she is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the abhorrent ultra-fanatical Fundamentalist Christian Right-wing that threatens to usurp our secular government for its own fascistic ends. We have to thank Janadas Devan for eloquently and deftly exposing Thio for the fanatical religious right-winger that she really is, in a commentary he contributed recently to the Straits Times

  4. Eldrad Ulthran says:

    Well, let’s pray to Vaul that the majority remains silent. (Bonus points to anyone who gets the WH40K reference)

  5. Nicky Shanmugam says:

    I’m not against or for the 377A , however it is almost sad and depressing to hear a NMP speak like this using religion in multi ethnic society like this. She was blatantly a hate mongering and being vile at the same time. She should step down , she is setting a bad example for a country like singapore which prides itself in its level of professionalism and ethos. She obviously has none he arguements had no basis. Being a law student here in singapore any semi intelligent person can poke holes at her arguments. I hope someone reprimands her actions. Having said that , he “speech” has made me pro repealing 337a as i realise if i don’t take a stand i will be on the side of the hate mongering evil right wingers

  6. Simon Peter says:

    From what we can see form the last few months, only fools support fools like Thio Li Ann, Thio Su Mien, Josie Lau and her team (AWARE saga), Rony Tan, Kong Hee and company, and Mark Ng. They prayed to Jesus so very much in vain, as they were defeated totally. Fools.

  7. Rogers says:

    You accused Thio of resorting to name-calling:
    “After calling gays “obscene”, “vile”, “depraved”, “intellectually disingenous”, “moral deviants”, “hedonists””

    Are you sure we read the same speech?

    Here are the relevant quotes. You will see that Thio was not referring to homosexuals, but the actions of some, as well as the arguments frequently employed by gay-rights activists. She no doubt presented many of her arguments forcefully, but if you have a problem with the claims that she makes in her arguments, then why not address those?

    “obscene”, “vile”

    I received an email from someone I never met, full of vile and obscene invective which I shall not repeat, accusing me of hatemongering. It cursed me and expressed the wish to defile my grave on the day 377A was repealed.


    – Couldn’t find this in the speech. Try not to make things up please.

    “intellectually disingenuous”

    This demand for objectivity is intellectually disingenuous as there is no neutral ground, no ‘Switzerland of ambivalence’ when we consider the moral issues related to 377A which require moral judgment of what is right and wrong – not to take a stand, is to take a stand!

    “morally deviant”

    This violates freedom of speech and religion; will sacred texts that declare homosexuality morally deviant, like the Bible and Koran, be criminalized? Social unrest beckons. Such assaults on constitutional liberties cannot be tolerated.


    Radical egalitarianism applied to sexual morality says the state should not morally distinguish between types of consensual sex. It exudes a false neutrality but actually sneaks in a substantive philosophy: Hedonism which breeds narcissism. This extols satisfying desire without restraint as a matter of autonomy. But some desires are undesirable, harming self and society.

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