MM Lee to be launched into outer space

Transport minister Raymond Lim announced today that Singapore was entering the Space Age, after hearing that Malaysia now has a man in space. “Singapore will establish a launch facility for the purpose of establishing a Singaporean presence in the galaxy. Residents within a 2-km radius of the launch pad in Bedok will be forced to evacuate, but will be given title to an equivalent area of land on the Moon.” MM Lee, due to his spryness, will be Singapore’s first astronaut and will be minister mentor on the new Singaporean lunar colony. Early next year, MM Lee will be launched into space, followed by other cabinet ministers. The Singaporean lunar colony is expected to be inside a “fairly small and deep crater.”


6 Responses to MM Lee to be launched into outer space

  1. Bacchus says:

    Get me a defibrillator fast someone…. rofl.

  2. Ivan says:

    MM Lee on the moon. Gives new meaning to “lunatic.”

  3. Tigger says:

    You mean he’s had enough of Earth?? Isn’t he the alien character in ET – that small crumpled guy who’d extend his neck and poke his nose in other people’s affairs from time to time??

  4. mule says:

    It is incredible how you guys love to poke fun at leaders. Have you even achieved a tiny bit of what MM Lee has achieved?If donkey is a person of honour, donkey would have a proper blog and reveal his identity rather than hide behind the DONKEY name.
    Sour grapes……

  5. White Tiger says:

    Clearly, mules have no sense of humour. (Since when must the right to crack a joke be earned in a meritocratic fashion?)

  6. Citizen 101 says:

    He is a mule so what do you expect of him ? Irony of it all is – the sour grapes is HIM ! He just doen’t have an inkling what this is all about.

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