Deaths mount after 4 years of bar-top dancing

Bar-top dancing was legalised in Singapore in September, 2003 and this week marks the 4-year anniversary of the policy change. Unfortunately, since liberalisation there have been at least 1,240 deaths from people falling off bar-tops. This prompted Vivian Balakrishnan to remark in Parliament today, “I told you so.” It was he who had originally spoken out vehemently against the policy change, stating in 2003 the following and foreseeing the current state of affairs: “If you want to dance, some of us will fall off that bar-top. Some people will die as a result of liberalising bar-top dancing, not just because they have fallen off the bar-top. Because usually a young girl, with a short skirt, dancing on a bar-top, may attract some insults from some other men, and the boyfriend starts fighting. Some people will die. Blood will be shed for liberalising this policy.”


3 Responses to Deaths mount after 4 years of bar-top dancing

  1. limpeh says:

    Pretty good satire!

  2. Hmmm says:

    Indeed, this is a nice one !

  3. put it this way, it is like saying with vehicle e.g. car/bus, there will be more dead because these vehicle can kill if someone was hit by a vehicle. So we should ban vehicle altogether in Singapore shall we ? tell me how many people got kill by vehicle in a year ?

    with or without liberalising bar-top dancing, the guys will still fight. With or without liberalising bar-top dancing people still die somehow.

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