Singapore’s plain-clothes-police officers’ clothing “too plain”

Singapore hired a record number of plain-clothes police officers in 2007, according to Mr. Goh Liang Kwang, Acting Commissioner of Police. “The main problem with the new recruits is that they dress too plainly, and Singaporeans on the streets are beginning to notice.” Plain-clothes officers are necessary to deploy for public events that may turn riotous, or where there is great fear for public safety. Examples include a recent banned gay and lesbian picnic in Singapore Botanic Gardens and a banned Worker’s Party cycling event. Both banned events attracted 50+ plain-clothes officers, some dressed very plainly. According to Mr. Kelvin Yeo, a plain-clothes officer, “We are trying to wear less-plain clothes, so that in the future we can do an even better job at keeping Singaporeans from rioting.”


4 Responses to Singapore’s plain-clothes-police officers’ clothing “too plain”

  1. LH says:

    Pure genius.

    As anyone can plainly see.

  2. Bacchus says:

    Did they try cross-dressing?

  3. Ab says:

    They should, Bacchus.

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