MediaCorp bags 27 medals in obscure (but very prestigious) Flomax/BPH awards

MediaCorp has beaten other world-class media organizations such as the BBC and the National Geographic Channel, hauling in a record 27 medals in the most prestigious media awards in the world, the Flomax/BPH Awards in New York City. This is expected to make MediaCorp’s channels, such as ChannelNewsAsia, gain more viewing audience abroad. The prestigious medals were awarded by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, maker of the popular drug Flomax used for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, a disease common in old men. “These are the most prestigious medals in the industry,” said a MediaCorp executive. “Plus, since the awards ceremony was in New York City, we got to enjoy a nice sightseeing trip too.” According to ChannelNewsAsia, “Clinching the gold award for Channel 8 was a pillar poster that literally tied its poster campaign with its on-air branding façade with the use of similar ribbon motifs for both.” MediaCorp is rapidly bagging one award after another with such ribboning talent. When asked what MediaCorp’s secret to success is, a spokesman pointed out the myriad censorship and restrictive ownership laws in Singapore, and press freedom rankings at the bottom of the developed world. “These help us to make good programs.” Although MediaCorp has carried out some free product placement for Flomax, this had “nothing to do with winning the awards.” Because MediaCorp beat National Geographic Channel and the BBC in the competition, it is expected to overtake these channels in popularity within a year. “The viewing public cares deeply about which channel won the most awards when they decide what to watch,” the spokesman clarified.


2 Responses to MediaCorp bags 27 medals in obscure (but very prestigious) Flomax/BPH awards

  1. aaaddd says:

    the singapore donkey is a genius
    Mediacorp is just a plain old ass

    so who were the judges for these promax awards ?
    none other than MediaCorp themselves, with Simon Tan, MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd as one of the online judges.
    check it out on the promax website

    brilliant boys – nominate yourselves then judge yourselves then fly over to NY collect the prizes. just fuc***g brilliant
    with geniuses like these i cant wait to retune into channel news asia

  2. Anonymous says:

    Orr, like that one ah?
    That means later want to increase our teebee license liao rite?
    Xiao liao ah!!

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