Misplaced lip gloss causes panic at ChannelNewsAsia news desk

ChannelNewsAsia (CNA), Singapore’s award-winning 24-hour news network, suffered a news meltdown over the weekend and went off the air briefly. This was eventually traced to a frenzied search for lip gloss, required by MediaCorp executives for all anchors and correspondents. After winning numerous international awards for layout and beauty of its reporters, CNA has positioned itself as the premier news network in the region for viewers who like to see reporters with beautiful, luscious, lips, glossed to a high sheen. When the lip gloss went missing, the news desk mobilized in a frenzied search, but the cosmetics “gloss-box” (as it’s referred to within the studio) was unfortunately not located until after a brief outage. It was deemed by executives that this was acceptable, since good-looking anchorwomen are paramount to reporting of news. ChannelNewsAsia’s website perspective statement explains that “ChannelNewsAsia is created for Asians by Asians.” And unlike Asians in other countries who demand free and fair reporting from their media, Asians in Singapore demand beautiful glossy lips, and government-run MediaCorp will make sure that viewers are satisfied.


One Response to Misplaced lip gloss causes panic at ChannelNewsAsia news desk

  1. Clean Freak says:

    u mean all share 1 lip gloss??? eeeeek soooo unhygienic

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