PM Lee donates S$30 to charity

PM Lee thrilled an audience of visiting foreign dignitaries last Thursday when he announced that he would be making a generous donation of S$30 to local charities. Mr. George Soros, who had once harped that Singapore is not an “open society”, was notably impressed, and exclaimed that he had “figured PM Lee all wrong”. “I thought they [the Lee’s] were mostly just snakes out to get as much money and power as possible from their society. This donation to charity really shows me that they do want to give back to their country.” Although PM Lee’s salary is the highest for any politician in the world, this donation to the poor demonstrates his philanthropy. “I want the people of Singapore, especially the poor, to know that I do understand their problems and hardships,” PM Lee explained. He added that he was only slightly worried that the decrease in his take-home pay post-charity might cause him to become corrupt, saying that he planned to keep enough to build a “nest egg” and review his own salary peg just to be on the safe side. “I will give this S$30 to charity, and I will continue giving, and hopefully allow others to experience something of the kind of life that I have been so lucky to experience.”


7 Responses to PM Lee donates S$30 to charity

  1. BattleNet says:

    Can you pls provide evidence for this? Maybe a news article? Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonder who the joke is on now :p

  3. Mariot says:

    LKY is very worry that donation of $30 is a lot to the people and that people will become complacent and not willing to work for months after receiving $30 packet.

    LKY to the public: “I care for the public and this $30 is gift of love and compassion for the people. And $30 is what people of Singapore’s net worth is.” Thirty dollars= Dirty Dollars !!!!

  4. Desmond Lim says:

    Hahaha… very good. Although (like BattleNet) some people would not understand that this is a tongue in cheek article.

  5. Wilson says:

    Our glorious Leader shows his substance yet again! We must follow the example of our illustrious PM and give our peanuts to the poor!

  6. kevin.l says:

    and his ardent followers shows much wit as well. kekeke funny.

  7. seekingthetruth says:

    wow, the S$30 will help a family survive for 2 full days! That’s sooooo generous, PM Lee! Thank you, gum sia!!!

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