Vietnamese Embassy’s chickens escaped, captured, and cooked, causing diplomatic spat


Many vistors to the Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore have undoubtedly noticed that the Vietnamese officials are raising chickens on their embassy grounds. The constant noise from the rooster soothes the consular officials’ ears during their duties, and makes Singapore feel a bit more like home. That was the case until last Monday, when a rooster ran out of the embassy gate. This act put the rooster squarely on Singapore soil, and outside the sovereignty provided by the Vietnamese Embassy grounds. Singaporean police were on top of the situation, promptly capturing the criminal bird and turning it over to prison officials for execution. When Vietnamese officials learned of the fate of their bird, they cried fowl, pointing out that the bird was their family, and that Singapore officials were cold and cruel, having not contacted the bird’s family (breaking diplomatic protocol) and having promptly executed the animal after a “show trial”. They also claimed that the bird is immune from prosecution, according to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963. Singaporean officials responded that the criminal bird should have realized that bringing itself onto Singaporean territory warrants mandatory execution, and that Singapore has no extradition treaty with Vietnam. Furthermore, the bird was not immune because it had not been properly registered with the foreign ministry. A source familiar with the bird informed Singapore Donkey that the rooster was barely a year old, male, bright red with mixed orange plumage, and had never left Vietnamese territory before. It was the bird’s first trip to Singapore.


One Response to Vietnamese Embassy’s chickens escaped, captured, and cooked, causing diplomatic spat

  1. Dave Linehan says:

    Have the Vietnamese learned nothing from the Americans that they conquered? We were able to make a big international stink about some loser kid who spray painted some Sinagaporean’s Mercedes (recall from an earlier Donkey the Mercedes-penis correlation). All he got was a caning. If he had grown up in Singappore instead of an open Western country where inevitably youth get into trouble but then can become business leaders then he would have never misbehaved in the first place. Sorry for the run-on sentence but it gets the point across!!!

    The Vietnames should have gone right to CNN. Wonder what The Philippines’ embassy keeps on their grounds!!!!

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