All Singapore workers to have salaries pegged to top earners

MM Lee Kuan Yew said in 1996, when speaking on the subject of ministerial pay, “Low salaries will not attract able men who are or can be successful in their professions or business.” These thoughts were echoed again recently, when Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan pointed out that because of the current peg of ministerial pay to the top private sector earners, “A minister should be drawing $2.2 million a year or more.” Because ministers currently earn only $1.2 million per year, an adjustment will be made. However, the government of Singapore has indicated that because of Singapore’s low performance in a number of other metrics, the salaries of all citizens will be pegged to the top earners in each individual’s profession. For example, a maid currently earns only $200 per month. Therefore, quality is low, and corruption is high. By pegging all maids’ salaries in Singapore to that of the highest-paid maid, quality will increase. This pegging will work for all sectors. Cleaners at hawker centers will be pegged to cleaners at NASA. Straits Times journalists will be pegged to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. Local television personalities will be pegged to Tom Cruise. After everyone in Singapore has their salary pegged to that of the top earner in their respective field of work, overall quality will increase. MM Lee said, “Low salaries will draw in the hypocrites.” This certainly won’t happen in Singapore.


9 Responses to All Singapore workers to have salaries pegged to top earners

  1. Aussie Jim says:

    Great concept! I read about this attempt to double ministers salaries on the plane from Beijing this weekend, I like your application of it to other fields – let’s see it work!

  2. merv says:

    It’ll never happen. Pegging citizen salaries to higher salaries will just lead to increased gst, income tax, transportation fares, and whatever gahmen deems necessary to keep your savings significantly lower than that of a ministers’.

    After all, how to attract people to work in gahmen sector is pay all so low? Haha

  3. Noah says:

    It will never work because THE SINGAPOREAN RAT ARE NOT ELITE !!!!!!!!!!!

    Gov should have put this statement into the newspaper so to clarify matter and explain thing clearer !!!!!! Strait Time will want to put this statement too.

  4. Fabster says:

    Bloody ridiculous.

  5. Fabster says:

    I shall peg my salary with Bill Gates 😀

  6. BattleNet says:

    Ok. Now we know this is a satirical website. We thought this is for real! 😉

  7. Tiger says:


    LHL still creeps me out. I think it’s his tendency to laugh at his own jokes

  8. Anonymous says:

    Pegging is always there. But you’re pegged to 1% of a CEO’s.

  9. taksin says:

    How can I apply to be a minister? I will deliver al my Key Performance Indicators like making all Singaporeans a millionaire within 5 years. If i don’t deliver within 5 years you can all sack me.

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