Philip Yeo admitted to National Neuroscience Institute with swollen head

While on an overseas guppy-studying trip, Mr. Philip Yeo, outgoing leader of A*Star, was found by overseas Singaporean students to be suffering from a swollen head. One student reported to Singapore Donkey that the civil servant’s head had swollen to “3 times its normal size”. Some students suspected that it had always been a bit swollen, but the problem was apparently getting worse over time. Upon returning to Singapore this week, Mr. Yeo was forcibly admitted to the National Neuroscience Institute and the attending physician, Dr. Lee Wei Ling, confirmed the scholars’ findings. Dr. Lee will be operating on Mr. Yeo presently. Dr. Lee (also daughter of MM Lee) is a highly acclaimed neurologist, having beaten top British researcher Simon Shorvon in a fair, head-to-head operating competition refereed by her father, MM Lee. Mr. Philip Yeo appeared dazed going into the operating room, and strangely asked where the whales were, upon seeing Dr. Lee.


2 Responses to Philip Yeo admitted to National Neuroscience Institute with swollen head

  1. virginiawolf says:

    Hahaha…..very good one! Keep it up! May be LWL will find a huge tumor that is causing the swollen brain syndrome…..

  2. orphans says:

    I checked the papers and other records but could not find the piece of sensational news about Philip Yeo being operated on by Dr Lee Wei Ling. Did you make up the story? If you did, you deserve my praise for being a great story teller.

    But is Philip Yeo’s head still so swollen? Without ever operating on him, LWL was able to deflate it by helping to remove him from A^Star.

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