Singapore to be reshaped into circular island to look more like a hub

Singapore hub design
Singapore’s efforts in becoming a regional hub gained traction today, when PM Lee announced a major reshaping of the island. “In order to become a regional media hub, arts hub, research hub, education hub, entertainment hub, conventions hub, charity hub, and commercial hub we must take concrete steps to tweak Singapore’s policies in order to maintain our leading position in the region.” While PM Lee has previously rejected calls to reform the legal system and electoral process, eliminate censorship, allow unfettered academic freedom, and legalize all forms of consensual sex, he instead believes that a more pragmatic approach to becoming a hub is best. “Changi Village and everything west of Jurong East will be flooded. HDB dwellers have 30 days to move,” he added. “This will allow us to become a regional hub.” Some residents in the inundation zones are unhappy, but nonetheless believe that this is a valuable nation-building effort. Residents will also receive adequate compensation for their properties, just like their ancestors when their kampongs were seized. In the current exercise, NSmen will do much of the digging, which will involve the destruction of all red zones (see photo) and shoveling the dirt from there into the water in the reclamation zones. The new reclaimed areas are expected to be auctioned to the highest bidder for the building of integrated resorts (IR) and luxury golf courses. After the sacrifices, Singapore is expected to become a regional hub.


2 Responses to Singapore to be reshaped into circular island to look more like a hub

  1. lesile_lee says:

    Trying to be all hub are going to backfire !
    Singapore is trying to be too ambitious and at peril of nation and Singaporean.

    Who know, it might soon become a terrorist hub too as this high profile plan will attract all kinds of people who want to undermine Singapore.

    So Singapore, stop been ambitious.

  2. Pooh says:

    You forget to include the part about how the MRT will be expanded to the STAR line, SE line, SPOKE line, WHEEL line, and the SW Island Casino line.

    Of which half the stations will be built but remain closed due to (1) low demand (2)located in opposition land.

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