MM Lee’s brain to be harvested upon his death

MM Lee has declared that he will not “opt-out” of mandatory organ donation upon his death. In the event that MM Lee falls seriously ill, Singapore’s doctors will no doubt be on top of the situation and zealously harvest his organs as soon as possible. The most valuable organ is MM Lee’s brain, which contains valuable experience and information vital to Singapore’s survival. No one is sure what to do with the harvested brain, but many Singaporeans have come forward and volunteered to have their own brains discarded and replaced with that of the minister mentor. It is even rumoured that MM Lee’s brain could be sectioned and thus supply up to ten normal Singaporeans with replacement brains, each more powerful than their originals.


4 Responses to MM Lee’s brain to be harvested upon his death

  1. myupperroom says:

    He is senile. He is either talking nonsense or treating all listeners as fools.

    The age limit for HOTA’s organ harvest is 60 yrs old. He is above HOTA’s legal limit to donate his organs. Even if he want to ‘opt-out’, he cannot legally.

  2. Brain transplants for those over 60 years old are extremely risky. However, it is widely known that MM Lee’s brain tissue is considerably tougher than the average Singaporean’s, and doctors interviewed by Singapore Donkey have assured us that MM Lee’s brain is similar in function and fitness to that of a typical 25-year-old. Perhaps an exception to the HOTA rule can be carved out for our Dear Leader.

  3. et says:

    What for? With intelligence but devoid of feelings, I think my brain worths more than his.

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