WP reveals it is both for and against gay people, for and against PAP

Workers’ Party Chairman Sylvia Lim summed it all up on February 3rd in a discussion of proposed changes to the penal code. “While there is sympathy for the liberal view that people should be able to do what they want, unfortunately we are divided over this issue of gay sex,” she said at a forum. Party officials stated, “We like gay people because they might vote for us instead of the PAP, but we also like the idea of locking gays in prison now and then.” Ms. Lim added that her party mainly supports human rights for humans who are not gay.

The forum itself was held to celebrate the Workers’ Party’s 50th Anniversary. It turns out that the continued ban on gay sex is the main highlight of the party’s accomplishments in the last fifty years. (See Singapore Donkey’s Analyses of Section 377A and 377 for more details of Singapore’s penal code amendments.)


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