Singaporeans residing in Canada to be charged extra fees to use hospitals, schools

Canada has responded forcefully to Singapore’s targeting of foreigners for recent increases in hospital and educational fees, and for giving Singaporeans housing subsidies. “We Canadians are disgusted with Singapore’s blatant discrimination and xenophobia,” stated the Canadian Ambassador. “When Singaporeans visit Canada, they pay the same fees as Canadian citizens at our schools, our hospitals, and they may buy any housing they choose at market prices. But when Canadians visit Singapore they are not allowed to buy HDB or resale flats, and must pay extra fees to use local schools or hospitals.” The ambassador also explained that while Canadian soldiers have to fight a real war (and sometimes die) in Iraq with their American neighbors, Singaporeans complain about their “light” national service war “games” which they use as an “excuse” to charge foreigners high fees for everything. The Canadian parliament has retaliated by requiring Singaporeans residing there to undergo regular HIV testing and chest x-rays for residency permits, pay extra fees at hospitals and schools, and to pay extra fees upon purchasing housing. Furthermore, Singaporeans will be eligible only to purchase the most expensive 10% of Canadian housing, as lower-cost housing will be “reserved” for local Canadians.


4 Responses to Singaporeans residing in Canada to be charged extra fees to use hospitals, schools

  1. Aussie Jim says:

    I don’t believe there are any Canadians fighting in Iraq ….

  2. lamerooze says:

    Ha, Singaporeans will only laugh with derision at the most expensive 10%. They would rather buy the most expensive 1%!

  3. knobby says:

    Heh. You forgot to mention that all three Singaporeans resident in Canada launched a mass protest upon being told of the new rules. (Protesting as a trio is not uncomfortable even if it feels unusual. Below the limit they were used to back home, wot?)

    What’s funnier is that when I saw your post title, I thought you were going to allude to Singaporeans taking advantage of cheap hospital care (“Nemmine, lah. Anything oso, go hospital, lah. So cheap, what.”) and Canada needing to impose higher fees to discourage binging on freebies.

  4. Ruth says:

    ha. I’m like, one of the three! this is funny!

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