Mrs. Lee suffers mosquito bite, 20 doctors and SIA mobilised

On a recent trip to Sentosa and the Southern Islands to inspect development efforts there, Mrs. Lee, wife of MM Lee, was bitten by a mosquito. Although frightened and angry, Singapore is the place to be when such calamity strikes. A Singapore Airlines flight was immediately commandeered to transport Mrs. Lee and a 20-doctor entourage from Sentosa to Changi Airport, after which she was immediately taken to Mount Elizabeth hospital for treatment. MM Lee praised Singapore and its national carrier. “If such an incident had occurred in London, for example, the situation may have been much more serious.”


7 Responses to Mrs. Lee suffers mosquito bite, 20 doctors and SIA mobilised

  1. stanley says:

    erm.. pardon me.. but i dun quite understand the satire here.. which news is this?

  2. lamerooze says:

    It might JUST be related to this. Somehow for the life of me I can’t really see the link between both articles, so maybe I am quoting the wrong article? *blur*

  3. KiWeTO says:


    it is a satire on that event?

    not exactly good satire, since most pragmatically trained-by-the-MoE system Singaporeans will immediately realize its stupid to fly (if not impossible without a helicopter or a seaplane) from Sentosa to Changi Airport, and then be motor-vehicle-ambulanced to Mt. E hospital. So, that kinda gets into the meat of the satire.

    It was a good try. could have done with some editorial help and some field testing before being posted. Then, satire is in the eyes of the reader.

    hehe. Keep at it!


  4. Anonymous says:

    this is what happened(not mosquito lah but stroke) to LKY’s wife in London. The medical system was slightly tweaked to get his wife in line for the observation or something like that…..ST reported this….

    Blair..came up to mention, nothing politically was done to give LKY’s wife first priority…since we all know what will happen…in a true democracy…

    and SIA flew them here on a medically equiped plane…and payment for this flight became an issue as SIA is supposedly private…maybe that what this article is all about..maybe….

  5. boh tong says:

    I don’t think the joke,if it was meant to be one,was funny. Its not fair to joke at the Lee’s expense.Visit me and learn something from me…cos I have eaten more salt than you had rice. 🙂

  6. Chimp says:

    Speaking for myself, I was horrified to hear of the threat to MM Lee. I think that his heroic sacrifices, and those of his family in taking over all those unpleasant official jobs, mean that he’s owed. Big time.

  7. roshan says:

    HAHA. good one. 🙂

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