Deputy deputy prime minister position created

It was discovered that the deputy prime ministers were too busy running the country that a new deputy deputy prime minister was needed. “The problem,” stated Deputy Prime Minister Professor Jayakumar, “is that Wong Kan Seng and I are far too busy with our corporate GLC positions, which we are not required to give up.” He added that all the vacationing that MM Lee is doing, coupled with the well-known inability of PM Lee to make any decisions without his father around, make it very difficult to attend to the matters of government in Singapore. Therefore, a new position of “deputy deputy prime minister” was needed. The first appointee is expected to be Ms. Irene Ng, because of her qualifications as loudest member of Parliament. “She will get the job done,” said Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng. This also helps increase the number of government bureaucrats placed between the average citizen and the Minister Mentor. With the path of Grassroots Leader, MP, Minister, Deputy Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Prime Minister, Senior Minister, Minister Mentor comprising eight steps, it makes it possible for only the very talented and old to work their way to the top. Any average Singaporean is unfit to govern, and would be weeded out at the lowest levels. If PM Lee decides to retire, a new position of Minister Mentor Mentor is also expected to be created.


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