RSF ranks Singapore 147th of 167 countries in sexual freedom

Reporters sans frontières, a French organisation that ranks the degree of sexual freedom in countries across the world, ranked Singapore with the likes of Myanmar and North Korea, by far the lowest of any developed country. The rankings were determined through a scientific metric that largely depended on the sexual performance of journalists, which in Singapore’s case is represented by Straits Times’ reporters. The low ranking was slammed by the Singapore government. Information Minister Lee Boon Yang said the index imposes a standard that fails to take into account “special circumstances” in Singapore, where he said sex must contribute to the nation’s development and is not necessarily enjoyable.

Lee said the RSF index “is based largely on a different sexual model which favours the enjoyment of the participants.”

“We have a different model in Singapore,” Lee added. “This model has evolved out of our special circumstances and has enabled our citizens and journalists to contribute to nation building,” he said, adding that the government “did not agree” with the organisation’s rankings.

Lee said Singapore’s sexual situation “has to be sensitive to our national interests. Singapore’s leaders have repeatedly said that they would not change to cater to a more “Western” set of sexual values, and that they were happy having little to no sex.

To this end, sex in Singapore remains illegal for any use other than procreation. PM Lee chimed in, indicating that as Madam Ho Ching is post-menopausal, they no longer have sex as it would not contribute to nation-building. That type of non-procreative sex would also be a crime, as is oral sex, anal sex, and gay sex.


3 Responses to RSF ranks Singapore 147th of 167 countries in sexual freedom

  1. prettyplace says:

    stumbled on to your blog by accident…and you made me spend an hour ….very funny and good work…cheers.

  2. ml says:

    Yo, have a look at Singapore penal code Ch 17, Paragraph 377. The explanation seems to suggest only men could be found guilty of this “offense”.

    Paragraph 377A makes it crystal clear that only men can be found guilty of that “offense”.

    My interpretation: Singapore is cool with lesbian sex.

  3. ml says:

    should say penal code CHAPTER _16_!

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