MM Lee skips Tuesday mentoring session with PM Lee and SM Goh

PM Lee and SM Goh reportedly sat at their desks quietly on Tuesday waiting for their teacher, MM Lee, to show. However, MM Lee never arrived. It turns out that the tutorial session had been cancelled but that this information had not been properly broadcast. After the elder Mrs. Lee dropped off her son for his tutorial session, he became visibly happy when he figured out that school would be cancelled for the day. He had his friend Chok-Tong played finger-painting instead. The tutorials from MM Lee are expected to continue on schedule today.


5 Responses to MM Lee skips Tuesday mentoring session with PM Lee and SM Goh

  1. Dick Tracy says:

    MM Lee actually took MC for the week, no thanks to that trouble maker student CSJ causing so much problem, even head master WKS can’t control him.

  2. anonymous says:

    It is a new initiative by Tarzan sharmu-gun. MM Lee was supposed to teach less and the two clowns were supposed to be able to learn more. This is a desperate move by MM because all previous mentoring sessions were obviously wasted on them.

  3. we need to acknowledge the +ves in Singapore, how lucky we are to have lights on the streets at night, that we have public buses that do not take 2 days to arrive, that we have affordable medicines that guerilla groups don’t steal from us, that we have HDBs to live in instead of tin shacks by a dirty river. Singapore is an ever-evolving country, if the only way you think free speech can be practised in Singapore is on a blog posting immature, childish rants that have little political depth or intelligent arguments that other Singapore blogs have, then perhaps the country is right – perhaps Singapore just isn’t ready for free speech yet. we are luckier than countries where journalists are murdered for stating facts. chee for e.g., is an embarrassment to the political scene in Singapore, instead of sitting on your laurels complaining of the governing party in Singapore, why don’t you do something about it, join the opposition parties or perhaps brush up on your humour like Mr Brown.

  4. john says:

    Hear, hear, the real PAP-speak. Singapore donkey, let’s all join this glorious party.

  5. Singapore Girl says:

    Aiyah Crimsondevotchka – lighten up lah. All in the name of good fun only wat! So serious sure get sick and u probably dont have enuf in your medisave.

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