MM Lee and wife visit Paris, complain Singapore is “too boring”

MM Lee and Mrs. Lee are traveling again this month, just weeks after MM Lee wrapped up a gaming trip to Las Vegas and tour of the United States. When interviewed by Singapore Donkey, MM Lee had much to say. “We like to travel. And with Singapore taxpayers paying all our expenses, in addition to my mentoring salary, it makes for a very nice retirement. I spend most of my time eating nice dinners, drinking fine wines, gambling, and making speeches about my success as former prime minister.” Mrs. Lee also expects that she will very much enjoy her upcoming trip to France and the Middle East, and she can rest assured that should she ever feel ill on her trip, Singapore Airlines stands ready to ferry her back to Singapore for treatment at a moment’s notice. “It is good to escape Singapore from time to time. It’s quite boring, and so long as our vacation is not at our own expense, France provides a nice getaway.” MM Lee also reported that he planned to see a performance at Crazy Horse Paris, to verify that Crazy Horse Singapore is more family-friendly.


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