Chee Soon Juan found guilty of appearing in court without permit

Dr. Chee Soon Juan, arriving at Sub Court No. 25 today to defend himself against criminal charges of speaking in public earlier this year without a permit, found himself in hot water when he showed up at court without a permit to be in court. Upon seeing Dr. Chee walk into the courtroom, Judge Eddy Tham immediately asked for his police permit. Dr. Chee replied that the police had refused to issue him a permit to appear in court for his defense. A spokesman for the Jurong Police Division confirmed that Chee had not been issued a permit due to “public safety concerns”. Judge Tham then rendered a guilty verdict. Chee, upon protesting the fairness of the court proceedings, was then sentenced to 12 days in jail for questioning the fairness of the Singapore judicial system. In the afternoon, Chee appealed to the High Court in the form of a Criminal Motions which claimed that court rules were not properly followed. Later today, High Court Judge Choo Han Teck dismissed the motions without reading them and ruled that Dr. Chee must bear the full cost of the proceedings.


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