NTU scientists report that “a few more gears” will likely get their perpetual motion machine working

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) scientists are on the verge of a major breakthrough. While labouring for countless years on their perpetual motion machine, the principal investigator reported that his team needs only “a few more gears” to get the device working. The innovation is likely to boost the university’s standing in the world from Number 3 (just behind MIT and NUS) to Number 1 (just ahead of MIT and NUS) and improve the reputation of scientific research inside Singapore.


4 Responses to NTU scientists report that “a few more gears” will likely get their perpetual motion machine working

  1. Ganga says:

    Came by this blog through Singabloodypore and I must say it certainly makes for an interesting read. I especially loved the Eminem – ‘Ho’ snippet. Your sarcasm is piercing and yet delivered like a gentle breeze – well done. Perhaps, you would like to change the tagline for Singapore Donkey to ‘Singapore’s “World-Class” News Source’? Just a thought. I am sure many are reading this blog without leaving comments. It’s hard not to read through the entire blog once started as 90% of the enteries are hilarious. Cheers and all the best.

  2. REASONBAND says:

    Very nice site. Maria

  3. SMILEGUYZZZ says:

    I almost don’t speak english but if I would be in their place I try or intend to investigate something more about gears because I had been studying the geometrical rates for example between gears with different radio in respect of its mutual torques during long time. Now, What will you ocurr if you adjust the valor of frecuency or angular velocity? As a matter of fact, I predict that effect of traslation refers as galileo transformation among several peripheral points of gears or simples wheels as circumferences in ortogonal position but one is in straight motion and the other continues spinning on its own axis. Mmm, I think We had had whether complete comprehension nor comprising the libraries about that although I had had thinking “It’s All there isn´t anymore” rather I have missed of sight the point of discussion here. Think about it! This isn’t a crazy idea at all!

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