Singapore accidentally overthrows Thai government

A military coup in Thailand has resulted from Madam Ho Ching’s Temasek Holdings investment in Shin Corporation. It is unknown at this time whether Madam Ho purposely wanted to overthrow the Thai democracy or not. However, at a recent meeting of ASEAN, leaders expressed concern that too many governments in the region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Thailand were becoming increasingly democratic and that this was pressuring more authoritarian regimes. An anonymous source in the Singapore government indicated that plans were underway to “take out one of the democracies” to relieve pressure, but it seems at this point that Madam Ho managed to do it accidentally.


2 Responses to Singapore accidentally overthrows Thai government

  1. Thaksin says:

    Oh, now I understand why they wanted to buy Shin Corp. I was so surpirsed to find a buyer, but you can find anything with money, connections, especially in Guanxi Singapore! (don’t sue me for this) hehe

  2. Thaksin says:

    and also…. I am very angry….. now I can’t govern anymore. Thank you, little red **** dot in SE Asia

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