SM and MM Lee to proceed with defamation suit against large rock

PM Lee announced that he and his father were bored, now that the defamation case against the Singapore Democratic Party has closed.  “We need to be suing someone at all times,” explained MM Lee, “in order to protect our reputations.”  Although there is one outstanding case filed on August 22 against the Far Eastern Economic Review and its editor, as a foreign publication with no local representative or bond money, it may be difficult to reach the publication with Singapore law.  Unwilling to sue the publication outside of Singapore because of unfair, biased courts in the West, PM and MM Lee decided to sue a large rock inside Singapore so that their total tally of won cases can remain high. The High Court is expected to hear the case against the rock, located near a Mount Faber walking trail, and damages could be awarded as high as $500,000 for the rock’s defamatory comments.  If the rock is unable to pay, its passport could be seized, it could be found bankrupt, and barred from running for political office.


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