Singaporeans “very surprised” that Lees’ win defamation suit against SDP

Singaporeans today expressed surprise that PM and MM Lee’s defamation suit was decided so quickly. Although patently true that the Lees’ were defamed in this case and all other cases, Singapore law makes it very difficult to win defamation cases.  “Singapore’s legal system is one of the most advanced and well-respected in the world,” explained the Law Society. This makes defamation suits extremely difficult to win in Singapore, because defendants are given great protection from frivilous claims by the rich and powerful.  Only in egregious cases can those who sue for defamation win.  Singaporeans were therefore rightly surprised when they learned that the Singapore Democratic Party lost its case, and so quickly, as this is indicative of how serious the damage to MM and PM Lee’s reputation must have been from the defamatory comments.


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