Police not sure what to ask James Gomez during 8-hour interrogation

Police officers, instructed by the public prosecutor’s office to seize James Gomez’s passport and detain him when leaving for Sweden, were not sure what to ask him during their 8-hour interrogation. Nonetheless, the officers did their best to investigate Gomez’s actions with the Elections Department thoroughly, often asking some questions five times or more, “just to be sure”. Among the questions asked to Mr. Gomez, were “What is your name?”, “Do you think that MM Lee is a liar?”, and “Do you have anything to add?”  Other than those, which took the first minute of the interrogation to answer, the police had trouble thinking of additional questions, so mostly spent the eight hours asking these three again and again.  “The Singapore Police will get to the bottom of the situation,” informed a Singapore Police Force spokesman.


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