Queen Elizabeth II impressed with MM Lee’s English pronunciation during her visit

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain touched down in Singapore on her way to Australia for the Commonwealth Games. While here, she had a chance to have a long discussion with MM Lee about Singapore’s future as one of the shining examples of stable democracies around the world. As the two monarchs concluded their dinner, Her Majesty indicated that she was most impressed with MM Lee’s English ability. “Compared to other world leaders, Minister Mentor Lee has an excellent grasp of English.” It is expected that MM Lee’s command of the Queen’s English will continue to bring a shower of benefits to Singapore, including more visits from the British royal family and fewer visits from President Bush of the United States. Madam Ho Ching, wife of PM Lee, expressed her hope that Prince William will someday also be able to visit Singapore, and volunteered to sit next to His Royal Highness at a state dinner.


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